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 The real XBox 360 experience.

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GEE 04

GEE 04

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PostSubject: Re: The real XBox 360 experience.   Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:43 am

clampye wrote:
The real XBox 360 experience.



The lag online has become unbearable, not just old games but also new games like Bio Shock 2 as reported to me by other gamers, now you could say that some lag maybe expected but the lag from games has become a joke, this is compounded by the fact that Microsoft released their wireless adapter another expensive piece of proprietary hardware, why a normal USB adapted could not be used is beyond me, but then again MS would of got no money from buying a Netgear dongle for example.

Also other gamers create intentional lag and then some games run on a peer to peer network and if a server is involved I can pretty well estimate that no maintenance is ever carried out, and then you have gamers who have multiple PCs already running on a flaky network.


The support from Xbox is pretty dire to say the least, for example you get the red Ring Of Death and you send your console away, a console that you have cared for and through no fault of your own its just failed to stop working because of cheap components and flawed design, so you get a replacement.

The replacement is not yours at all but some scratched beat up piece of junk that you'll have to use even though you don't want to, and to top that off you'll have to go to to invoke the License Transfer

Don't even get me started on asking to remove Credit Card details, MS don't want you to do this at all the only way MS say you can remove a Credit Card from the account is by inserting the details of a new card, and I'm not joking.

And the other funny thing about support is that they don't care, I have sent MS 3 letters to ask what they will do about the issues in this post and not once have they ever got back to me, and if you submit an online query you get the same old script back time and time again.


Not at all, you see the Xbox uses some of the cheapest components around and yet the console is priced at £199.99 for the Elite that contains a DVD drive that will most likely fail, along with the GPU and on top of this a Hard Drive that does not have the capacity that is stated on the box, yep you buy a 120GB console but you'll never be able to use all that space as the Operating System for the console uses up drive space so MS have lied from the start.

Not only this but you pay for online gaming *GOLD* that is pretty laggy, and also pay for downloadable content that could of been issued on the disc in the first place then you pay over the top for any other type of market place item, as a consumer this is NOT VALUR FOR MONEY.

I had a controller break after 2 weeks use of the Elite console, I followed all the instructions from the official Xbox website and alas it was still unusable, so I called support (oxymoron) and I was told I would have to send the controller into Xbox so they could see what's what then send a replacement which could take 2 weeks to arrive (so I lose out on 2 weeks of live) or I was told my other option would be to buy a new controller at my own expense (useless really)


Forget getting someone else fitting a new drive unless they are 100% sure in what they are doing, lets say your DVD ROM drive breaks and you need a replacement you'll have to have the drives firmware flashed by using a special cable as well as the correct firmware, now I don't mean flashing for illegal use but flashing so that the new drive will marry up with you Xbox as they are linked, MS can do this for about £90. £90 for a new drive is totally unreasonable when a tip top DVD drive form a computer store like will cost about £18, so yet again MS are just conning punters.


Same as the above, yes you guessed it a 120GB HDD costs £97.86 down from a whopping £127.22, and that's still a rip off when considering a new 2.5 SATA 160GB HDD from will set you back £13.35, so with a little branding and some proprietary software MS have tripled the cost of a lower spec HDD, nice one MS. Its no wonder they lost the HD DVD war with all their overpriced junk.


Why do game developers or MS have games on the console that are boring, lets face it games these days are all about the graphics and not actual game play and then a veteran level is thrown in to make the game seem longer that it really is, whatever happened to easy and hard difficulty?

Games cost a small fortune only to be completed in 6 hours and then you go to online play and experience purgatory, or at least some form of punishment as other players usually cheat or glitch in some way just to screw up you game that you were quite happy playing.

So you submit a complaint that never ever gets read, the only time a ban will happen is when an automated system detects a certain amount of specific file complaint types, i.e. 5 file complaints from other players for the same subject of cheating, so yet another lie by MS saying that all File Complaints are reviewed - NO THEY ARE NOT FORUMS:

I really shouldn't explain myself here but only to say that the forums are a place for some strange people to hang out at and express odd opinions and the moderators are next to useless, I don't know why they never explain a ban maybe they think that they are better than everyone else or Microsoft never divulge any information about why a console or gamer is banned as it's most likely that even MS don't know either.

Anyway to sum up it's a poor console, bad online, not value for money and lacking any kind of support, will MS read this and take note? NO I suspect not as they have become a company that's way to big and arrogant and ignorant to even consider being helpful.

Xbox Pros:
Its black


Xbox Cons:
Really laggy *and that's paid for*
Poor Build
Cheap components
Expensive games
Overpriced online play (should be free)
Non existent support
Forum moderators are spouting lies like the owner of an Xbox is only renting the system from MS!

You could always try

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] thats the email address for Steve Ballmer mind you he did say that Linux was a cancer, funny how most servers are running Linux, nice one Steve, you sound like a typical ignorant fat cat with no real knowledge of computers.

The original post can be found at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Couldn't of said better myself
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GEE 04

GEE 04

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PostSubject: This wold also be part of the "experience"!   Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:17 pm

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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Lt Spears 101st

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PostSubject: Re: The real XBox 360 experience.   Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:27 pm

GEE 04 wrote:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

That's pretty damn funny lol! I've experienced that a few times unfortunately. No
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PostSubject: Re: The real XBox 360 experience.   Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:46 pm

I've had very good luck with the clamp replacement method for repairing my 360's GPU. As mentioned before the one I own is still a first gen model.
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PostSubject: Re: The real XBox 360 experience.   

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The real XBox 360 experience.
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