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 xbox live moderators are horrible

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PostSubject: xbox live moderators are horrible   xbox live moderators are horrible EmptySun Mar 07, 2010 8:20 am

Hopefully you have read some of my posts to the console bans forum my account has been banned and it shouldnt have been, my account name is tweeknout everyone one the phone said i needed to contact u about this problem, there is a person with the gamertag DC SPARTA that is going to random forums outside the xboxlive community and posting my name to posts that say things like "personal message me for boosting" or "send a friend request to tweeknout for cheating" i have not made any of these posts to these forums NOR have i held or been in any cheating lobbys of any sort, im sure you will be able to tell this if u actually look into my account please a response soon would be nice its been over a month now Sad i lost all the time i payed to use my account and had to buy a new one just to go on live.... its not fair i did nothing and this DC SPARTA has done this to other people but they were able to get u guys to not ban them by letting you all know what was going on before the ban happend, i credit that mostly to me because i saw who he was doing it to and made sure they all knew to contact you guys or they would be banned, please sir im not looking for a free month or anything although it would be nice i really just want my account back Sad

ive been posting that message to them for 2 days now and i cannot even get a response, yet i see the same people i sent the message to are responding to other peoples matters..... i mean seriously i pay so much money for this xbox its almost time for me to just switch to ps3, i wont have to pay for internet usage so if i am banned i will be much less upset heh, its ridiculous how much money they make off of us and the horrible service we get in hand, doesnt even seem like they care when i speak to them on the phone they just re rout me and actually 1 person got angry and mean with me because i said i had no way to access a computer which i usually cant, so what do they do for people who just use the internet for gaming nothing else? thats a bit of a fault in itself isnt it the fact that a 14 year old from canada was able to trick them into banning me is even more of a joke, and they have done nothing to this person either im wondering does any1 here think i might have some sort of legal suit on my hands? like i have actually been sent 100's of messages from people because of this and lost much time trying to get something back that shouldnt have been takin in the first place, treated poorly with customer service i had to buy a new account just to be able to SPEAK TO THEM yes its true if ur not a xbox live member u cant even speak to the moderators, forcing me out of another $9 just to speak to them and get nothing handled, playstation is looking better and better some of the moderators that did respond to me were very luid told me they would not revoke it and blatetnly called me a cheater its so ridiculous i have not ever done what they say i did its ridiculous
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xbox live moderators are horrible Empty
PostSubject: Re: xbox live moderators are horrible   xbox live moderators are horrible EmptySun Mar 07, 2010 8:32 am

talk to the user "clampye" on this forum, he should be able to steer you in the right direction on who to email, and it wont be the xbox mods you are emailing,if you read through the forums on xbox, that is happening to alot of people, and the wrong people are being suspended,which shows xbox doesnt care,as long as they suspend someone,then they think they are doing the right thing,and they dont want to hear otherwise,
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PostSubject: Re: xbox live moderators are horrible   xbox live moderators are horrible EmptyMon Mar 08, 2010 2:12 pm

Xbox live mods really are horrible at their job. I was being harassed for three days by some guy named jonnieboi, so I blocked him, filed a complaint, and muted him. But he could still join my games, and shoot us down, or ruin it for my friends and me. Once he found out I blocked him he got onto his brothers account and continued to harass me constantly. So I blocked, muted, and filed a complaint against jonnieboi, as did all of my friends. So he makes a completely NEW account, just to keep saying nasty things to me. So I go on the forums and ask for help, this being about the 5th day of him bothering me, and they delete my post because "if you ignore him he will go away." I shouldn't have to sit there for 5 days being called names and being sexually harassed. But OMIGOSH if you have anything even remotely bad in your profile you will get banned about 3 times for one word. Even though the word was removed and changed to Code of Conduct. So harass people all you want, but don't curse. Because telling girls they are "b**** a** hoes" and telling them to take naked pictures of themselves and sending them pictures of your penis is totally supported my Xbox live. No one cared at all that this guy was doing and saying what he was, but I have been suspended THREE times for having the F word in my profile for a week in February. They aren't trying to make Xbox live a better place, they just want to try the easy fixes and punish the wrong people. I am really sick of some 8 year old going "f*** is a bad word!" and then me not being able to play my M for mature games without that same 8 year old calling me a stupid nigger. I am baffled as to why I should have to censor my life when Xbox could do what WoW does and make a filter, then if you don't want to see it, you won't.
I mean, I will admit, I shouldn't have had the F word in my profile, but I have payed my time THREE times now. I think that is a little ridicules. First one day, then a week, now three weeks. That's an entire month wasted. People get away with cheating, harassment and I can't even use common every day words because I could say "I had cherry pie for lunch" and someone somewhere would find that inappropriate.
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PostSubject: Re: xbox live moderators are horrible   xbox live moderators are horrible EmptySat Mar 20, 2010 11:28 am

The xbox moderators are complete low life idiots that take their "job" wayyy to seriousally...
they are complete freaking idiots..

i will never use xbox again for all i care.... i will never beg them to get my account back...
f*ck it.....
they wanna ban me ?? OKAY...i guess this chick will move on to playstation 3......
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PostSubject: Re: xbox live moderators are horrible   xbox live moderators are horrible Empty

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xbox live moderators are horrible
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