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 Suspended for a motto i was allowed to post

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DGC DeAdSnIp3r

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PostSubject: Suspended for a motto i was allowed to post   Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:13 pm

Ok , so i was suspended from xboxlive for having my motto as Fuck You , and yes i understand it is a "American" curse . Witch happens to not be the language on my xbox. So Xboxlive allowed me to post it . One thing right there . If i am allowed to post it , how am i gonna get suspended for it . I was allowed to post it . Also i pay $20 out of my pocket every 3 months to play xbox live , how are they gonna ban me for a month and still charge me money ? if i am paying for this , i feel like i shouldnt be even able to get banned , or i should atleast get a refund for my spended money that is going to waste . And another funny thing about xbox live is , everyone of us pay to use xbox live , but xbox live doesnt host games for us , WE THE PLAYERS OF XBOXLIVE DO, you tell me why i pay for xbox to use my connection so they can make money for them charging people to play games , and then they're going to ban me? Seriously , they let me post it , im paying money for a subscription that i cant even use , and we all have hosted games , so i have hosted games so everyone can play and they can make money and they still ban me , you tell me how you see this is fair in anyway , because i feel like its complete bullshit , and PS3 they host games for they're players and charge them nothing , xbox is starting to piss me off , and i sent a email to xbox live saying all this , and they didnt answer , they wouldnt even allow me to post a forum on their website , because they no im right
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PostSubject: Re: Suspended for a motto i was allowed to post   Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:23 pm

i agree... if esp since if we try to put it up it wont let us.... i got suspended for having Bumfawc Badlands as my location... it just blows my mind... they dont do anything to people that are harrassing and abusive to others but they suspend and ban for something so ignorant then censor what you can say in the forum.
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Suspended for a motto i was allowed to post
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